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About us

The Laser Company is the clinic where you can go for all your questions and treatments, related to the skin. We have a team in house that is certified and specialized in all skin types and skin colors. Moreover, we work with the very best equipment and our team stands for high quality.


In addition to a luxurious appearance, The Laser Company is accessible and affordable.

You will receive a warm welcome and by means of a free intake, in combination with a trial treatment, you can get to know the specialist and the relevant services.


Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments. If you want treatment in other areas of the skin in addition to hair removal, then you have come to the right place.

Specialized in all skintones​

We only work with certified estheticians​

We use medical equipment​, only the best for our clients

Insurance covers some of our treatments



My name is Esmilia. Experience expert in the field of unwanted excess hair. The laser has changed my life and I will tell you why.


At a very young age I was confronted with the fact that I had slightly more hair than the average woman. My full head of curls was on the one hand positive and beautiful to behold, on the other hand the excessive hair on other parts of my body caused traumatic experiences.

To remove my uncertainty about this, I experimented with hair removal quite early on. From razor blades to Sugar waxing, I have not avoided any hair removal products.


I had no choice but to have the excess hair removed permanently. This made me completely immersed in the world of lasers. That didn't bother me. My journey through permanent hair removal caused me pain, burns and multiple rejections. It became abundantly clear that not every laser device was right for my skin tone.


After a long search I became acquainted with the right laser device. The result was already visible after one treatment. Pleasantly surprised, I decided to delve into this device and its method. This laser device is medical, the strongest on the market and suitable for every skin color. I had to and would share this life-changing experience with anyone who experiences excessive hair as a burden. This one is for us!

Meet the team

Skin Therapist
Ceritified Esthetician
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