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PMU is the abbreviation for Permanent Make-up. With permanent make-up or PMU, pigments are introduced into the dermis. This is the layer of skin that sits directly under the epidermis. It is technically similar to a tattoo, but the purpose is different. PMU is often applied on the eyebrows, as an eyeliner, lip liner and as a blush on the cheekbones.


PMU can also be used to cover scars, to reshape an areola after a mastectomy, mammectomy or mastectomy. In some cases also as camouflage therapy for parts of vitiligo. If you are no longer satisfied with the PMU, it may be that the color is no longer beautiful, that it is no longer the style you wanted, or that the shape is not what you expected. Then you can have it removed with the PicoWay laser.


The amount of treatments can differ per person, there are several factors that have to do with this, such as: the depth, size, colour and/or age. You can take into account about 2-6 treatments with rest periods of 6-8 weeks in between each treatment so that the skin can recover.

During the PMU removal treatment, the eyes are pre-anesthetized with eye drops and covered with an eye cap. After the treatment, the tattoo will come back red/brown, accompanied by swelling and possible blistering, which can last for 7-14 days.

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