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Skin aging and pigmentation in the intimate areas: an aesthetic problem.

Perhaps you experience a threshold to have something done about it?

Know that many men and women have to deal with discoloration in the armpits, groin and pubic area.

With an insecure feeling as a result. Fortunately, we can do something about that! The Dermamelan Intimate treatment is a proven effective remedy with a corrective and regulating effect.

At The Laser Company we are specialized in treating those intimate zones. Always with care.

Pigmentation is unpredictable. Sometimes a lot of pigment suddenly arises in 1 place (hyperpigmentation), also in the intimate zones. With various causes: genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, but also aging of the tissue. In many cases, our skin therapists can really do something constructive about this.

So look for the cause together and make a plan for the right pigment treatment.

Dermamelan Intimate from The Laser Company is a much-chosen pigment treatment, consisting of two parts: a mask and home products. Our skin therapists regularly carry out this pigment treatment and are happy to tell you about it without obligation (and in confidence) in a free consultation.

To reduce pigmentation in your intimate areas, we use active ingredients such as fruit acids and vitamins A and C. These plant substances inhibit pigment formation and stimulate skin renewal. The combination of the mask and the right home products also makes this treatment very effective. With visible results within 4 to 8 weeks.

This is how we treat your skin in the intimate zones in 6 steps:

Costs: € 480,-


We get to know you, discuss your wishes and study the skin


The skin therapist carefully cleans the skin and applies the peeling and mask


The mask does its job in 8 to 12 hours, you can go home in the meantime


After 48 hours we will be in touch, we will discuss the progress and make an appointment;


You lubricate at home with the pigment-inhibiting cream


After 2 months we see each other again and look at the result together.

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