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For the most optimal result, we recommend you book a FREE skin scan so we can make a treatment schedule and see how many sessions will be needed

Costs: €125,-

The Bio (herbal) peeling is a peeling in which a mix of herbs, seaweed and algae are applied to the skin. This mix of herbs and maritime extracts stimulate the skin to regenerate, so that the skin is deeply cleansed and regenerates itself from within, with visible results already after one treatment.

Bio (herbal) peeling: means (bio) natural and (peeling) exfoliation. The Biopeeling from 2B beauty is the latest generation of herbal treatment that is used as microdermabrasion but without a machine for skin improvement. This biopeeling method is aimed at removing the dead cells during the formation of the stratum corneum. The 2B Biopeeling activates the exfoliation process from within. Due to the powerful and 100% natural ingredients and microneedles of the Bio (herbal) peeling, the skin is stimulated to exchange itself and to free itself from dead skin cells and impurities!

The Bio (herbal) peeling even works intensively in the skin up to 10 days after the treatment and activates cell division during these days. The cell metabolism is reactivated and the skin tension is strengthened from within in the case of wrinkles and fine lines. Dilated pores are much smoother and pigmentation spots are reduced.

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Smokers skin

Anti aging

Dehydration of the skin



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