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At The Laser Company we use the GentleMax Pro.

Do you want a beautiful, smooth skin without excess hair growth? Then you have come to the right place at The Laser Company, let us laser away your unwanted hair. The combination of this laser makes it possible to treat all skin types!

With the GentleMax Pro we can laser away unwanted hair. For this it is important that your skin is clean-shaven prior to the treatment. Please indicate the day (minimum 24 hours) before the treatment. Due to the unique operation and cooling system of this laser, no gel is used, but you get a cooling spray from the laser itself prior to the laser pulse.

This spray provides cooling so that you will feel the laser less. All skin types are welcome! Because the GentleMax Pro combines two lasers, the Alexandrite for lighter skin types and the Nd:Yag for darker skin. This makes it possible to adjust the laser to your skin type for the best result.


You can expect that the laser hair removal treatment will greatly reduce your hair growth. Result can already be seen after 1 treatment, for the best result an average of 6 to 8 treatments are needed. The treatments will be performed approximately every 6-8 weeks. After the desired result has been achieved, we recommend carrying out a maintenance treatment 1 or 2 times a year.

After the treatment, it is important to avoid:

Heat, intensive sports and swimming pools for at least 24 hours due to the risk of infection and pigment shift.

Think about: - Sauna - To play sports - Sunbathing (couch) - Swimming pools with chlorine In addition, it is strongly not recommended to exfoliate the skin just before and after treatment. Also keep in mind that hair growth varies a lot from person to person, and factors such as age, hormones, hair structure and the depth of the hair follicle can influence the result.

Costs: Starting at €35,- 

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