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The structure of your skin can be affected by various circumstances.

For example, acne, sun damage, pigment disorders or a coarse skin structure. The aging process is also one of these conditions and is often associated with the reduced elasticity of the skin. This is because the skin produces less collagen and elastin over the years. The skin becomes slacker, shows more wrinkles and loses volume.

At The Laser Company, our skin therapists will give your skin the extra attention it needs to regain healthy, fresh and radiant skin.


What is micro needling?

Microneedling is an intensive skin treatment, in which small structured 'damages' are made in the skin, with the aim of stimulating collagen production. Microneedling is a skin-improving treatment that can be used for many indications. Think of damaged or sagging skin due to, for example, (acne) scars or wrinkles or fine lines, but also hyperpigmentation and rosacea. This intensive skin treatment makes the skin structure stronger, more resilient, smoother and firmer. At The Laser Company, the skin therapists use a  'Skinpen', which allows them to work very accurately and in a specific area. The result of microneedling is reflected in:

a smoother and fresher skin

finer pores

fewer wrinkles and fine lines

improvement of the skin structure

reduction of pigmentation spots

filling of (acne) scars

flattening of surgical or traumatic scars


Microneedling uses a special 'Enterpen'. This pen has a (disposable) head with very fine needles. These needles vibrate at a high rate in the skin where they make tiny holes and cause minor 'damage' in the dermis. This stimulates cell division and increases collagen and elastin production. The skin becomes stronger, more resilient, smoother, more even in color and provides a young and fresh appearance.

The effect of the treatment is not immediately visible. The skin needs time to make collagen and elastin. This process can take several months. In some cases, the treatment can also be combined with a peeling.


For the most optimal result, an average of 6 sessions are needed. These sessions take place every 21 days.

The microneedling treatment can be combined with peelings or mesotherapy to increase the result of skin improvement.

Costs: €150 per session 

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