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The Observ 520x is a skin analysis device that allows us to take pictures and view the condition of the deeper layers of the skin. What we can see is, among other things, the structure, sensitivity, moisture content, sebum production and pigmentation. This device allows us to look deeper into the skin to see what the naked eye cannot see. In this way you start a substantiated treatment plan for your skin and tackle problems at the root! We will discuss the scan of the skin layers together and afterwards you will also receive the photos and advice by email.


When coming in for this treatment please make sure to not wear anything on your skin, please make sure to only wash your skin before coming in and don't put any products on it.

After the pictures are taken our therapist will discuss her findings with you and advice you which products and treatments are recommended for your skin

We will alo send you everything by email.


Free of charge

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