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Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP) is a non-surgical treatment that camouflages thinning hair and bald spots. A Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment is therefore different from a hair transplant treatment. The applied pigments give the idea of ​​hair stubble where a hair transplant transplants hair from other places to the designated place. Using Micro Hair Pigmentation, a tattoo is placed on the scalp in the form of stubble. Micro Hair Pigmentation is applied to the scalp by tattooing permanent pigments or semi-permanent pigments. Just like PMU, MHP does not remain the same for years, because it reacts with changes in the skin and possible sun exposure. Also, the MHP never completely dissolves. It may run or change color, causing you to be no longer satisfied with the results.

The MHP removal treatment is performed using the PicoWay laser. The ink particles are absorbed by the PicoWay's laser beams. This causes the ink particles to pulverize into small ink particles, so small that the body is able to dispose of these ink particles. The removal of these smaller ink particles goes through the lymphatic system, on average it takes the body 8-12 weeks to remove the ink particles from a treatment.

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